Like many other people, you may find the thought of searching for your next private household opportunity overwhelming. With so much information available to you, it’s almost impossible to know where to start.

At Catabase Private, we believe that recruitment agencies can be the shining light in the dark that candidates need to help them find their next role.

Why register with Catabase Private?

We have exceptional market knowledge and access to jobs that aren’t always advertised

Due to the level of discretion in the private household sector, many of our position are never openly advertised. As experts in the field, we can offer insight and advice to our candidates regarding market trends, salary levels, and CV writing tips.

By utilising Catabase Private, candidates can get assistance with exploring the private household job market and advice about which style of employer and roles might be best suited to them.

We will make sure we get the best offer for you

Imagine you have finally got through a long interview process and been offered the job of your dreams, but it has fallen short of where you need it to be salary wise. In many cases, candidates can find the thought of asking for more money and negotiating a higher salary a daunting prospect and what often happens is they either turn the job down or accept the job on a lower salary with no prospect of a pay increase for years to come.

By registering with Catabase Private, you can be reassured that your consultant will be able to manage and oversee the negotiating process confidently on your behalf, making sure to secure you the absolute best deal for you without jeopardising your relationship with your future employer!

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